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Thai Massage

Thai Massage is a floor massage where the fully dressed client lies on a mat. A well designed system of yoga based assisted movements and stretches allows the therapist to manipulate the client without much effort. Every movement is created to support the client as well as the therapist. Silence between the therapist and the client allows the therapist to understand the client and to give the client a chance to focus on breath and sensation in order to learn about himself without distraction. To give and to receive Thai Massage is a meditative practice. At the end of a one or one and a half hour treatment, both the receiver and the therapist will feel relaxed and energized. Each Session ends with a short Reiki Healing treatment, to heal and restore any imbalances.

What are the benefits of Thai Massage?

  • Relief from pain of arthritis, repetitive stress, or overused muscles
  • Increase blood circulation, lower blood pressure
  • Better resistance to injury
  • Release of toxins such as lactic acid from the body
  • Calmed nervous system leading to deep relaxation

Who can benefit from Thai Massage?

  • Anyone who experiences stress in their lives
  • People with sore muscles from regular exercise or repetitive stress ie. musicians, performers, artists
  • Those suffering from chronic pain such as arthritis, tendonitis, lower back pain, or headaches.
  • Those with low energy