About Ryan Hader Nataraja

About Ryan

Milwaukee Native Ryan Hader (Nataraja) has been immersed in yogic study for 8 years in Denver, Colorado. Ryan has developed Nataraja Yoga, a unique way of bringing practitioners of asana away from the chatter of the mind and into the timeless gift of presence by focusing on the meditative, or subtler aspects of the physical yoga practice. Ryan facilitates yoga classes focusing on healing, postural alignment, personal empowerment, deep inner peace and inspiration.

Ryan is also a Reiki Teacher, offering Reiki Trainings at Yoga Studios and Alternative Healing schools nationwide.

Ryan has been leading Kirtans for 7 years. He has shared the stage, performed with, and accompanied a multitude of Kirtan artists and Yoga Teachers including Krishna Das, Wade Imre Morissette, Desiree Rumbaugh, Girish, Donna DeLory, Dave Stringer, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, and Jason Magness. Ryan has also been featured as a musician and vocalist on the Yoga Journal tour. He plays harmonium, flamenco guitar, tablas, and the 12-string guitar. He has been playing and performing live as a professional musician for two decades. Ryan has a creative, unique way of weaving the names of ancient times with an uplifting rock style approach.

Ryan currently resides in the Milwaukee area.